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We are a women owned business that is a beautiful mixture of many dreams coming together and turning into reality. Three mothers who love to nurture, share love, and share in beauty and abundance with the world around us. We are a coffee & food market full of creativity in Delray Beach, FL.

Butter Croissant

Every bite has an impact

We work with artisans at their craft wherever we get a chance. We are mothers to artists, beautiful humans and creators, and we believe deeply in supporting those who create with a clear intention - we love creations that are made with passion, attention to detail, love and craft. We honor those who want to bring some extra love and joy into this world. We carry a deep LOVE for the arts and want to share a space where you can delight in artistry, yummy food and warmth for the heart!

Support Artisans

Our products are sourced from different places, most of them originating from a passionate person or family who is bringing their love for cooking, baking and creating something meaningful onto our tables - figuratively and literally. Feel free to browse our products and look into their stories!  

Best Pastries in Delray Beach!

Not to brag, but our baked goods are going to transport you to the beautiful café lined streets of France. We offer fresh and delicious baked goods made right from the hands of some one of the best bakers and pastry makers in Florida!

Quality Coffee and Teas

Colombia is in our heritage, and it goes without saying, coffee is a staple in every one of our households. We don't take taste lightly, and we look to always have and offer the best in  freshness and flavor.

Support Art

We have different art and products made by artists and artisans in our store. Come check it out and find something unique and beautiful to take home with you

Food Workshop
Three women, one idea!

The Artist's Palate begins with three friends who wanted to make a dream come true. We wanted to create a place of creativity and joy where we could bring together our love of art, food and community. Travelers, mothers and entrepreneurs, we looked for the perfect spot to get started - a space where our souls are full of inspiration and our hearts are surrounded by a wholesome community to connect to. We landed here, steps from the ocean in the beautiful Delray Beach, FL.

Contact Us

Feel free to e-mail us with any questions. We're usually up to something artsy, yummy and fun - so it may take us some time to respond. The best way to reach us is via WhatsApp or paying us a visit in person! 
Looking forward to connecting with you.

Come Say Hi 👋

Mon - Fri: 6am - 9pm

Saturday: 6am - 9pm

Sunday: 7am - 9pm

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